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      COMPANY NEWS: [ 2015-04-23 ] Why sometimes strips fuse will become resistance being very high and continuously?
      The fuse what is its function?
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      The fuse, also known as the fuse, IEC127 standard defines it as "fuse body (fuse - link). It is a kind of is installed in the circuit, to guarantee the safe operation of the circuit of the electrical components. The fuse when circuit failure or abnormal, with the current rising, and possibly the rise in current damage or expensive some important components in the circuit, and may even cause fire burned circuit. If correctly placed the fuse in the circuit, so, the fuse will be abnormal current increases to a certain height and due time, fusing itself to cut off the current, so as to protect the safe operation of the circuit.

      The earliest fuse in more than one hundred years ago by Edison, due to the time of the industrial technology developed incandescent bulbs are very precious, so, was originally used to protect it expensive incandescent bulbs. The working principle of fuse what kind of? As we all know, when current flows through a conductor, because there is a conductor resistance, so the conductor will be hot. And calorific value follows this formula: Q = 0.24 I2RT; The Q is calorific value, 0.24 is a constant, I is the current flows through a conductor, R is the resistance of the conductor, T is the time for current flows through a conductor; According to this formula, we it is not hard to see the simple working principle of the fuse.

      When making the material and shape of fuse identified, its resistance R is relatively fixed, were it not for its temperature coefficient of resistance). When current flows through it, it will be hot, with the increase of time its calorific value is increasing. Current and resistance of size to determine the speed of heat, the structure of the fuse and its installation conditions to determine the speed of heat dissipation, if the speed is less than the speed of heat dissipation of heat, the fuse is not fuse. If the speed is equal to the speed of heat dissipation of heat, in a long time it will fuse. If heat faster than the speed of heat dissipation, so the heat generated by the will be more and more. And because it has certain specific heat and quality, increase of the heat is on the rise of temperature, when the temperature rises to fuse above the melting point of the fuse the fuse. This is the working principle of the fuse.

      We should know that from this principle, you in designing and manufacturing the fuse must be careful to study your chosen material physical properties, and ensure that they have a consistent geometry size. Because of these factors on the fuse can work normally plays a vital role. Also, you are using it, you must install it correctly.

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